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The subclass 420 visa is also known as the Entertainment Visa. It is designed to protect those Australians employed in Australia’s entertainment industry while still allowing the Australian community to experience a variety of cultural activities and social events. The 420 visa is intended for those foreign citizens that wish to work temporarily in Australia’s entertainment industry. An applicant for this visa may be a member of production personnel, or may work as a performer in television, live productions, or film.

An individual applying for the 420 visa needs to be sponsored by a government agency, organisation, foreign government agency, or qualified individual person. The only cost associated with the visa itself is the application fee, which may be waived under certain circumstances. Once granted the visa, the applicant can live and work in Australia in the entertainment industry for up to two years. He or she will also be allowed to bring qualified secondary applicants with him or her to Australia to live.

This visa allows entertainment personnel to travel and work in Australia in the entertainment industry. Secondary applicants that may travel with the visa holder include the applicant’s partner, dependent children of the applicant or partner, and other dependent relatives. Secondary applicants must either be listed on the application at the time of approval, or they must fill out a separate visa application if they choose to join the applicant at a later date. If secondary applicants lodge their own application, a letter from the visa holder’s sponsor will be required to confirm that the sponsor is willing to be responsible for the secondary applicants while they are in Australia.

Once an entity or eligible individual is approved to act as a sponsor, the approval will be valid for three years. Nominations will be valid for 12 months, and the 420 visa can be valid for a period up to two years. Those applicants wishing to work in television or film production will also need to obtain a certificate from OFTA (Office for the Arts). The Arts Minister of OFTA will determine whether the applicable Australian content criteria are met before issuing a certificate.

An applicant for the 420 visa must meet several basic requirements. He or she must be sponsored by a qualified organisation or individual, be nominated by the sponsor to fill an approved position, possess the skills and experience necessary for the sponsored position, possess the means to support him or herself as well as any secondary applicants for the duration of the visa, and have health insurance for him or herself as well as all secondary applicants.

The primary applicant must be able to support him or herself as well as the secondary applicants in question. When applicable, this includes school fees for any dependent children. The applicant will need to provide evidence of the funds he or she needs while in Australia. In addition, the salary payable to the applicant for his or her nominated position must comply with Australian law.

The primary applicant must hold medical insurance for the duration of the visa. In addition, the applicant must undergo any applicable health examinations and meet minimum health requirements to be granted the visa. Finally, the applicant must be of good character and must agree to respect Australian laws and values while in the country.

While under the 420 visa, the holder must uphold several obligations. He or she may not stop working for his or her sponsoring employer for any reason. In addition, he or she cannot work in any position not consistent with the position listed on the visa application. He or she cannot work for any other person, including self-employment, while working for the sponsoring employer. The visa holder must maintain a minimum level of health insurance coverage for the duration of the visa.

If the sponsoring employer ends the employment of the visa holder, he or she must either find a new sponsor or leave the country of Australia within 28 days. If the holder wishes to change employers while in Australia, the new employer must lodge a sponsorship application and nomination with the Australian government.

Secondary applicants may enter the country either with the holder or after the holder. In addition, they can leave the country before the holder or with the holder. Secondary applicants must remain a member of the visa holder’s family unit, abide by Australian law, and maintain health insurance for the duration of the time spent in Australia.

In order to apply for the 420 visa, both the nomination application and the visa application must be submitted together. First, the organisation or qualified individual must apply to be a sponsor. Next, the approved sponsor must nominate a position to be filled. Finally, the applicant must complete a visa application that will be submitted by the sponsor along with the nomination.

Sponsorship can be approved for no more than three years. At the end of this period, the sponsor will need to reapply. The 420 visa can be renewed in some cases when the holder wishes to extend his or her stay in Australia. He or she must lodge a new application and cite applicable evidence. In addition, the sponsor may need to lodge a new application or nomination.

Once you have been approved to live in Australia under the 420 visa, you may begin to wish for a piece of property to call your own. If you wish to purchase a home while under the 420 visa in Australia, you may be eligible to borrow up to 80% of the value of the property in question. The amount a person can borrow for a home loan or mortgage is largely based on his or her income in Australia, as well as any income from overseas. It is often easier to use a specialized mortgage broker, rather than applying directly with the bank.

Australia is a beautiful place to live and work. Under the 420 entertainment visa, residents of other countries can remain in Australia for up to two years as long as they follow certain rules. While in Australia, a qualified individual may acquire a home loan of up to 80% of the property value if certain financial requirements are satisfied.

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Otto is a Mortgage Broker that has specialised in 420 visa mortgages for over 8 years. His company, the Home Loan Experts, is now one of the top home loan broking firms in Australia.

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