Insurance to provide financial help while you recover

Trauma insurance provides financial security to you and those dependent on you financially whilst you recover from a trauma such as Heart Disease, Cancer, or Stroke.

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  • Cover for more than 35 defined illnesses
  • Fund a lifestyle change following a medical trauma
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Trauma Insurance offers financial help while you recover from your medical trauma Get a Quote

Trauma insurance can protect you and your family when you are diagnosed with a serious illness.

Often called critical Illness insurance, trauma insurance pays the policy holder a lump sum upon diagnosis of a serious medical condition or incurable disease, such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, or major head injury. Claims are paid to you or a pre-designated beneficiary when the diagnosis is confirmed.

Trauma insurance provides financial security with a lump sum cash payment that can be used to pay the mortgage, meet monthly financial obligations, and even pay for medical care not covered by health insurance. Once you receive payment on your trauma insurance claim, you can use the money as you see fit.

Trauma Insurance covers you when diagnosed with a serious illness Get a Quote

Your trauma insurance policy can pay for specialists and specialty care, pay the mortgage, meet monthly financial obligations and cover the costs of home modifications such as installation of a wheelchair ramp or in-home equipment.

Trauma insurance can spare you and your family the stress of financial worry when you are coping with the devastating diagnosis of a long-lasting illness.

Trauma caused by an accident is often covered immediately, although some insurers impose a 90 day waiting period after the policy is purchased. Ask your insurance specialist about your options.

Trauma Insurance allows you to recover in your time Get a Quote

Trauma Insurance provides a lump sum that will enable you to:

  • Cover any costs associated with crisis recover
  • Fund a change of lifestyle
  • Payout the mortgage or remaining debts
  • Continue the children’s education
  • Supplement any loss of family income
  • Help the family members achieve their life goals

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Alan, 42, works as an primary school teacher. The married father of three young children purchased trauma insurance on the advice of his insurance specialist several years ago, along with other forms of insurance to protect himself and his family.

When Alan was diagnosed with cancer, the prognosis was bleak. He was not expected to survive long. Alan and his wife agreed they would not give up without a fight, and searched for the best physicians and treatments available.

His trauma insurance paid out $150,000, allowing Alan to enlist an aggressive medical procedure that was not covered by his health insurance, one he could not have afforded on his own. Alan is now in remission and has returned to work.

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