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Australia is a student’s delight with its attractive environment and amazing activities. Before you plan your journey you must meet certain norms and criteria.
* A full ten year valid passport is needed with at least six months of validity after your scheduled return trip from Australia.
* A valid student visa should be issued to you from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. You can apply for the visa through your nearest Australian High Commission/ Consulate.
* You must remember that Australian Student visa is divided into multiple categories with ‘main course of study’ and ‘nationality’ as the primary criteria.
* A full-time course acceptance certificate from an Australian educational institution is necessary before initiating the student visa application process.

Travelling Expenses

Australia has an advanced tourism industry that caters to the needs of the rich and middle class segments. Fortunately, Australia is an amazing destination for even small budget travelers, such as students.

It is difficult to fix a certain sum for a particular trip to Australia. On an average, a minimum of Aus. $ 250 to Aus. $300 is needed for a single day stay, which includes accommodation. In Australia, the currency is the Australian Dollar. Foreign currencies are exchanged at banks, international airports and hotels. 10% service tax is levied on all goods and products. Credit cards from American Express, Visa, JCB and its affiliates are commonly accepted.

Buying Cheap Air Tickets

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and most major airlines fly to its multiple cities. Air tickets must be booked after receiving a valid visa and after organizing important documents.
Cheap Air tickets can easily be booked. With the expansion of ‘open sky policy’ almost everywhere, markets are very competitive. Websites of leading airlines may be checked for a comparatively cheap air ticket and the ticket can be booked through credit/debit cards, online. Alternatively, one may get a good deal with the promotional discount air

tickets offered by airlines at regular intervals, especially during festive seasons.
On arriving in Australia, be ready to show your valid passport and Incoming Passenger Card. Tinned or packaged food and also plant and animal material should be declared. Illicit drugs are banned and illegal. Persons carrying cash, travelers check, ‘monetary instruments’ of $A10 000 or more in foreign currency must make a declaration with the Custom authorities.

Medicines carried while traveling must be declared so as to ensure they are not banned by the Australian government. It is advisable to carry personal health records and proper medical prescriptions assigned by a qualified medical practitioner along with medicines. Carrying prescribed medicine and prescriptions not for your personal use, or for someone traveling with you is illegal.

Alternate Modes of Travelv
Air travel remains the most preferred choice of travel for most travellers from India to Australia. However, attractive tour packages in luxury liners are also offered by well known tour operators such as Cox & Kings.

Once in Australia, its wide air coverage will fly you to different cities of your choice with ease. For a more enjoyable trip, one may travel by high speed rail or road. Australian roads are well known all over.

Plan Your Journey Well

A journey needs to be planned well in advance. It is more important in the context of foreign tours as it involves possession of valid passports and receiving valid visa well in advance of the departure date.

One also should get accustomed to the basic immigration and custom norms, along with living conditions in the destination country beforehand, to make the trip pleasurable and exciting.
Visas and passports should be applied for well in advance, so as to avoid any last minute cancellations and delays.

Check this list before you leave (documents, currency, other important items, contact information)

Checklist before your leave

As a preventive measure, it is important to get all your important documents thoroughly checked. A valid passport, traveller’s check, visa and other entry documents, educational certificates and other necessary documents should be carried along to avoid any delays and cancellation.

Financial documents and immigration documents should be awarded top most priority. You must pay attention to your university and other educational documents. Copies of visa, credit card numbers, insurance policies and passport should be carried along and back-up copies, including that of the itinerary, should be left at home with an immediate family member.

Acclimatizing yourself with the new weather conditions
Icy, sloped mountains, lush rainforest’s, cool lagoons and surreal beaches can make you imagine the climatic conditions prevalent in Australia.

Climatic conditions in Australia are unique and enable you to enjoy your trip to the hilt.

Summers are warm and sunny, and spread from December to February.

It is usually a good time to enjoy sun bathing and or go for a swim at a nearby beach.

Winters are spread from June to August with snowfall on the Southern mountains.

The Northern states are temperate at 24° C generally.

Buying suitable clothes

With variations in temperatures all around Australia, it is advisable to purchase extra warm and warm clothes, along with leather gloves. Light tee-shirts and sun hats may be worn to avoid the strong Sun which can be damaging.

A prospective traveler may look for prior information, relating to climatic condition through the web. Accordingly, suitable clothing gear may be brought.

Travel Insurance

To avoid unpleasant situations arising out of sickness, injury, theft or accident, it is relatively safe to be adequately insured before traveling to a foreign destination.

Travel Insurance provides a person with protection cover in case of cancellation of travel plans arising due to accident, injury or illness. A local insurer will guide you best whether to opt for domestic travel insurance or international travel insurance, in consideration with your unique needs.
Travel insurance plans are available on the web. However, only a few insurers provide a wide array of travel insurance plans.

Medical and General Insurance for Studying Abroad

Medical insurance covers both, domestic medical and international medical insurances. An international medical insurance may suit one’s short or long-term international medical concerns, depending upon your need (such as the extent of single/multiple plan trips for individuals or families). Generally, international medical insurance covers emergency medical expenses, hospital stays and major surgeries.

For select foreign universities, it is mandatory for students to buy medical and health insurance. Maximum insurance covers for Indian students abroad come from accident and health ailments, followed by pregnancy.

Saurabh is a free lance writer. For a regular day job, he works with as a product specialist and counselor.

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