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Why have Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance?

Although there is some overlap between trauma insurance and TPD, the claim that trauma coverage makes TPD unnecessary can easily be disproven, and the reasons why rest in the actual function of the TPD insurance policy. It is important to bear in mind that anyone can find themselves permanently disabled due to illness or injury,

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Life Insurance and the Mining Industry

Although everyone can benefit from having a life insurance policy in place, Australians in certain high risk occupations like the mining industry are more likely to consider securing life insurance as a layer of financial protection for their families if the unthinkable should occur. Life insurance is designed to provide a lump sum payment to

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Why it Makes Sense to Insure Yourself and Your Spouse or Partner

When it comes to purchasing personal life or disability insurance, most Australian families usually aim to insure only the major income producer in the household, while the stay-at-home spouse or partner is usually passed over for insurance coverage since it may seem like an unnecessary expense. True, your family may very well face some serious

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