Call Centre Script

When answering the call

1) “Welcome to MultiCover, you are speaking with YOU, how may I help you?”


2) “I can arrange for an insurance specialist to speak assist you about that”. (Do not provide any advice to them)

3) “I just need to ask you a few questions so I can assign you an insurance specialist that is best matched to you”. (Do not discuss the products)


4) “Thanks for that information. They will call you shortly”.

NOTE! Please DO NOT discuss the products, assist the person with the products or provide any personal view on the products. DO NOT provide any form of advice. Please only complete the fields on the form. If more assistance is requested please tell them you can’t help them.

Why? Because you are not an authorised representative of the insurer you are restricted by Australian compliance legislation (law). Doing so would be a breach of this legislation which carries personal penalties.

We need some information about you to get started:

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